City Spotlight

City Spotlight: Charlotte


Charlotte is home to a variety of family attractions, breathtaking views, culinary wonders, and cultural treasures. See for yourself why Charlotte, also known as Queen City, is the third fastest growing major city in the United States with Meritage Homes’ Marketing Manager Ashley Manwaring-Mang.

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Fall Maintenance Tips


As we approach cooler temperatures and diverse weather conditions, proper fall maintenance will help to ensure the value of your home as well as the safety of your family. Save yourself some time and money, while also keeping your Meritage home in pristine shape, with these routine tips.

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How-Tos Around the Home


This month, we’re sharing helpful how-tos to make sure your house truly feels like your home. From tips for hanging picture frames perfectly to simple steps for raking leaves like a pro, we’ve provided a how-to that’s sure to come in handy this fall.

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Vendor Tips

Safety and Security in the Connected Home

Safety Tips

Homeowners can stay safe and secure with connected-home technology. Connected-home technology offers a variety of benefits, especially when installed in a space such as the garage, which homeowners use almost every day. If you’re looking to integrate connected-home technology into your home, and specifically the garage, keep these tips in mind for added security, safety, and convenience.

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