DIY Hydrangea Wreath


Spring has sprung and this means it’s time to dust off those old decorations and bring your home out of hibernation. During the winter months, it is easy to let the dreary weather take over the once cheery ambiance of your home. Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is shining a little more brightly, update your decorations with this easy DIY hydrangea wreath.

The supply list will consist of a hot glue gun, a grape wreath, approximately ten artificial hydrangea stems, and wire cutters. Depending on how big your grape wreath is, you may need more or less than ten of the hydrangea stems.

First, trim the hydrangea stems to three inches long. Trimming them will make it easier to arrange on the grape wreath. Secondly, arrange the hydrangea stems on the grape wreath as desired. They should be spaced evenly so as to help you avoid the stems being clumped in one spot on the wreath.

Once the stems are arranged, use a glue gun to anchor them in place. You do not have to use a large amount of glue, but just enough so that they will stay intact on the wreath.

Finally, hang your completed wreath on the front door, a mantel, or wherever else you see fit. This wreath completes any space both indoors and outdoors, all while adding color and a dose of springtime cheer.

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