Personable Kids Spaces


A loft area adjacent to the secondary bedrooms naturally lends itself to becoming a spillover area for the kids to convene and create. Rather than a predictable TV-watching spot, try embracing the fun-loving personality of this space with stations for different activities.

Start with an art easel in the corner to inspire your own little Michelangelo or Pollack. A community table in the center of the room allows for crafty interaction with siblings and friends, or the perfect space for a board game challenge.

Next, include a chalkboard wall to fulfill childrens’ deep-seated need to draw on the wall, all without wrecking mom’s nerves.

Lastly, don’t forget about storage. Storage is key, but doesn’t have to be boring. Low shelving with colorful bins is easily accessible for small children, and might even make clean up fun.

Design tip provided by Design Lines Interior Design.

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