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Holiday Decorating: Three Winter DIYs to Try

Winter DIY Ideas

Deck the halls of your home this season with cozy and crafty décor ideas. By adding in a few do-it-yourself projects, you’ll see how easy it is to transform your home from fall to winter. Check out our top three favorites now.

Sparkly Branches

Our first DIY idea comes from Martha Stewart. Add a hint of glitz, glam and sparkle to your home with these easy-to-make branches. Follow these steps for a look that’s elevated and perfect in any room. We also recommend this same idea for pinecones.

Step 1: Brush glue on several inches of a branch.

Step 2: Cover in glitter. Shake off excess.

Step 3: Let it dry.

 WInter DIY Sparkly Tree Branches

Christmas Wreath

No home is complete without a festive winter wreath! For a more rustic approach, try a pinecone wreath this holiday this season like this example from HGTV.

Step 1: Paint the Styrofoam wreath with a layer of paint that is similar in color to the pinecones.

Step 2: Place small beads of glue to the underside of each pinecone and then place on the wreath. Make sure to press and hold for a few seconds to until secure.

Step 3: Add in garland or ribbon to brighten up your wreath.

Step 4: Complete by hanging with a piece of ribbon on your door.


DIY Garland

Lastly, Country Living suggests dressing up your fireplace mantel with festive garland. It’s easy to make and you can effortlessly tie your room together.

Step 1: Lay out the green foliage across your mantel.

Step 2: Dress with ornaments, bows and red berries.

Step 3: Add height by adding in candles or picture frames along the sides.

Christmas Decorations for your mantel

What’s your favorite way to decorate your home for winter? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter. Happy Holidays from Meritage Homes!