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Coastal Design Tips

Design Tips for Coastal Design Homes by Meritage Homes

We’ve teamed up with Aundrea Brown of Intermark Design Group, Inc. to share tips and tricks for decorating your home with coastal accents.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for someone looking to capture the feeling of a seaside escape?

A: It’s important to make sure everything has elements of clean lines and bright accents. Plenty of lighting helps to set the mood. Utilize soft tones in your fabric and mix in pops of pale accessories to get the full coastal effect.


Q: What paint palettes do you recommend for a coastal look?

A: Pale Neutrals with pastel palettes support the coastal look. Use soft tones of blue, green, beige, cream, ivory and white to create a soothing coastal ambiance.

Meritage Homes Coastal Paint Design Tips

Q: How can accessories help pull together a costal vibe in a home?

A: Accessories can pull a look together regardless of style. In a coastal home, specific accents such as weathered materials, beach treasures, colored glass, driftwood pieces and shell sheen can bring the look into a consistent design.


Q: What kind of lighting should be used to achieve this look?

A: Natural lighting is essential in making a home feel coastal. It has to remind you of a sunny day at the beach. Allow natural light to complement your fabrics and accent pieces. Utilize soft fabrics on your window treatments so the light can shine through them. Also consider a wallcovering that can reflect the light with the accent elements.

Coastal Design Tips Meritage Homes

Q: How can you avoid overdoing the beach look?

A: Avoid using too many woven fabrics or wicker furnishings. The over-layering of textures can make the design seem dated. The goal is to be refreshed and clean, not heavy. In general, don’t get too overwhelmed with ‘beachy’ accents. Less is more – don’t clutter every surface with knick-knacks from your trip to the beach.


Q: Is it possible to mix modern/traditional/vintage with coastal?

A: Absolutely! The key is in the accessories and finishes. For a modern look, the accessories will be cleaner lines mixed with some glamorous shades of seaside finish. For a more traditional look, your furnishings will have more detail, but mix up the textures and refresh some of your soft goods with clean patterns and soft hues. Vintage looks can mix in weathered furnishings to rejuvenate some of your older pieces.


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About: Aundrea Brown
Aundrea Brown is the VP of Marketing and Sales for Intermark Design Group, Inc. Based in Orlando, Intermark provides innovative interior design solutions for clients throughout the East Coast. Intermark’s clients include many homebuilders and developers.