City Spotlight

Sacramento City Spotlight

Sacramento City Spotlight

California’s capital city, Sacramento, offers a little something for everyone. Read our Q&A with Meritage’s regional marketing director, Cortney Ridens, as she gives her thoughts of living in Sacramento.

Q: What is a popular food choice you would find at a local Sacramento block party?

A: Being close to the bay area, seafood is a popular choice for backyard get-togethers.

Q: Which Meritage Homes community is best if homeowners want to live near downtown?

A: All Meritage Homes communities are approximately 30 minutes from downtown. Sierra Commons, located in Roseville, CA, offers easy access to retail stores, sports centers as well as plenty outdoor recreation activities for families to enjoy.


Q: For those families who love to stay active, what are some great outdoor activities that are near Sacramento?

A: The breezy, Northern California region offers some of the best hiking and water activities around. There are plenty of fun outdoor recreation parks for families in the area, including the Roseville Sports Complex, Raging Waters Roseville, Roseville Golfland Sunsplash, and Wake Island Water Park.

Q: Where’s the best local hot spot to grab a cup of coffee?

A: With its high quality, sustainable product, Temple Coffee, is a local favorite around Sacramento. Temple Coffee offers its unique farm-to-cup coffees, multiple espressos and rare coffees in a French press, which is sure to please even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

Q: What is Sacramento best known for?

A: The California State Railroad Museum is a must-see for families. Kids and adults alike will love exploring North America’s largest railroad museum with more than 500,000 trains. For music lovers, be sure to check out the annual Sacramento Music Festival featuring more than 100 bands.

Q: For those families who want to be near hiking trails, parks and baseball fields, which Meritage Home community is best?

A: Sierra Commons and Sierra Crossings are both very close to the Roseville Sports Complex, which features a community center and fitness center, complete with a full-size gym and climbing wall.

Meritage Homes Energy-Efficient Communities - Sierra Crossings

Q: If homeowners haven’t been to your city and are considering moving to the Sacramento area, where should they tour to get a taste of the lifestyle?

A: Families can enjoy the Sacramento Zoo or head to the state Capitol to see politics in action. Head down to the historic Old Sacramento to check out the city’s beautiful waterfront and explore the unique restaurants and shops.

Q: What’s a random fact or reason you enjoy Sacramento?

A: Sacramento offers families the bustling city life as well as quaint communities to raise children. With so much rich history, the options and activities for families are endless.

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