Summer Outdoor Organization Tips

Summer Outdoor Organization Tips

While you may invest a great deal of time tending to your garden, can you remember the last time you organized your tool station or tidied your garage? If you can’t, we have some organization tips to keep your workstation organized all summer long.

Tip 1: It sounds simple, but start by tossing your old or unused items. Once you create more space to work with, it will make organizing much easier.

Tip 2: Work smarter, not harder. Keep frequently used tools in an easily accessible location to alleviate always searching for tools. We love this clever garden bucket organizer to keep all your gardening tools in one place.

Tip 3: Invest in some adjustable shelves and containers to eliminate pesky floor clutter. These fun chalkboard-labeled buckets are cute and efficient. These buckets also work great to organize your kids’ outdoor toys.

Tip 4: A pegboard can be invaluable to your workstation. Add a variety of hooks for hanging up various tools, supplies and more. If you’re feeling creative, you can even paint certain colored squares on your pegboard for hanging specific items.

Tip 5: Create a garden notebook to keep track of everything in your garden. This is a great tool that allows you to make seasonal observations, know what you’re growing, and remind you of the location for each plant.

Spending just a few minutes getting your outdoor areas organized can make a huge difference. For more home and outdoor organization tips, check out our Pinterest board here.