Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

Regular home maintenance is important when it comes to preventing costly repairs and maintaining your Meritage home’s value. Keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months with these routine home maintenance tips.

Tip 1: Have your air conditioning (AC) unit tuned up by a licensed contractor. A HVAC contractor will check your refrigerant levels, fan operation and coils. Make sure you change the filter a minimum of once a month during the summer to help save on your AC bill.

Tip 2: Check your roof to confirm there aren’t any problems. Make sure to check for leaks, moisture and missing or broken roof tiles. If there are trees or shrubbery near your roof, trim the edges to ensure debris won’t gather on or close to your roof.

Tip 3: Clean your gutters regularly to help prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks. It’s best to make this a do-it-yourself project twice a year—once late in the fall/early winter after all the leaves have fallen and prior to the first snowfall, and once in the late spring/early summer after flowers, seed and blossoms have bloomed.

Tip 4: Check your windows and doors. Window maintenance includes more than regular cleanings, it also includes maintaining your sealants. Ensure each window’s sealant around the frame is secure inside and out. Caulk any open areas along the frame (except manufactured weep holes where applicable) with all weather caulking. Also, check for weather stripping along sliding glass doors, and exterior doors and replace damaged or missing strips immediately.

 Tip 5: Walk the perimeter of your home. Look for low areas in your yard or next to the foundation and fill them with compacted soil. Spring showers can lead to yard flooding, erosion and alter your yard’s drainage and grading patterns. If these problems are ignored, it can lead to foundation damage. If water pools in these low areas, it can become a breeding ground for insects. Be sure to also inspect exterior hose bib and faucets for freeze damage and leaks.

Tip 6: Keep your pool maintained and ready for summer swimming. Check the water level, confirm that pumps are functioning properly and balance the chemical PH levels frequently.

As always, refer to your Meritage New Homeowner Manual for helpful tips, a maintenance checklist and clarification regarding what’s covered under your new home warranty. You can review your manual by clicking here.