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On-Trend Flooring for a Design-Minded Mom

Flooring Design Tips from Shaw Floors

For moms who are fashion-forward and seek style in their homes, it’s important to make sure your floors look great. Above all, they need to withstand years of wear and tear. We’ve teamed up with Shaw Floors to highlight some of the top flooring trends for a busy household.

There are countless reasons to love carpet: softness, comfort, texture, unlimited colors, and incredible value. Most importantly, your carpet needs to be durable in order to avoid having to replace it down the road. Shaw Floors R2X® Stain and Soil Protection technology will help your carpet maintain its look. Although it won’t cook dinner, it will help save your carpet from it—protecting against dirt and spills. R2X gives your carpet’s yarn complete protection from top to bottom. Even for the big spills, R2X prevents the liquid from penetrating the base of the yarn, causing it to wick back to the top. If you have kids, you need carpet with R2X.

Flooring Tips from Shaw Floors

Wait, there’s more good news. You don’t have to sacrifice style and design for performance. Carpet can add an incredible design element to your room. Whether you choose a striking color, pattern or texture, it can be the foundation of a room’s entire design. Go ahead, fall head over heels for carpet treated with R2X; you’ll love the soft, comfortable and durable landing.

If it’s hardwood you’re after, Shaw’s Duras™ will provide a stunning statement, durability, and is the greenest engineered flooring in the industry. It truly is where style meets sustainability.

All Shaw’s Duras hardwood is protected with ScufResist® Platinum Finish. It has proven to be up to six times more resistant to scuffs and abrasion than other competitive hardwood flooring finishes. It will stay looking newer six times longer and requires less maintenance to keep it looking as such. With the beauty of Duras, combined with its fantastic finish, Shaw truly lets you live without concern for your hardwood floors.

Which will you choose for your home? R2X or hardwood? Head over to Pinterest to get even more flooring inspiration for your home.